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PigPuff Lighter™

PigPuff Lighter™

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Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF (Add 2 to Cart, only $7 for the second lighter)

Introducing the PigPuff Lighter™, the cutest way to light a flame! This swine-inspired lighter is never-before-seen and sure to oink it's way into your heart. Light up your night with one quip of this nifty piggy lighter!

★★★★★ 3,786+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

Increase/Decrease Intensity

To increase/decrease flame intensity use a small flathead screwdriver (or anything you can use as a flathead screwdriver) and turn the circular metal opening located at the bottom of the lighter towards the (+) symbol for a higher intensity flame or towards the (-) symbol for a lower intensity flame.

Light up and make 'em squeal!

This cute and quirky lighter is shaped like a piggy, so you can show off your pig love and your lighter flames simultaneously!

This piggy shaped lighter is so cute, it'll hog all the attention!

For the safety of transportation, the new lighter has no fuel, please add butane before use